1967 Screen Used Cyber Controller Suit from Tomb of the Cybermen

Timeline 1967 to 2018

1967 – Tomb of the Cybermen
During September ’67 Tomb of the Cybermen was aired for the very first time, with Michael Killgarriff playing the Cyber Controller

1970 Photoshoot
In 1970 one of the most famous photographs was taken for the Radio Times photoshoot

1973 – Photoshoot at Beach
Remnants of sand was still on the suit from this photoshoot, the suit appeared in a mix mash of Cyberman parts

1980 – Doctor Who Exhibition
The suit appears at the Doctor Who Exhibition as a mix mash of Cyberman Parts

December 1981 – Generation Game with Larry Grayson
David Banks wears the Suit with the mix mash of Cyberman parts

3rd April 1983 – Longleath Auction
Purchased by the previous owner, which this costume came directly from the BBC on Sunday 3rd April 1983. It was sold at auction during the BBC Enterprises “Doctor Who Celebration – Twenty Years of a Time Lord” event at Longleat House, with Jon Pertwee acting as auctioneer and was LOT 210. The original hanger and ticket are still with the suit to this day.

2018 & Restoration

After not being seen in the public eye for 36 years, and not seen in the form as the Controller from Tomb of the Cybermen since 1967 we bring this amazing costume back to life in it’s original form, after speaking with original actor Michael Kilgarriff (Cyberman, Giant Robot, Ogron) and working with Robert Allsopp (Judge Dredd, James Bond, X-MEN Modern and Classic Dr Who), to display and revitilise the costume, we present to you The Original Screen Used Cybercontroller Suit In 2017 Light restoration was done by Robert Alssopp which involved re attaching two rear leg tubes/balls which we kindly had supplied to us from the original manfuacture “Abbey”, the tubes were found from another supplier.

Once a mannequin was made it was time to find a head and boots to go with the screen used suit, luckily we managed to obtain head which was a casting from the original head and included all of the tells / imperfections in it for high accuracy on the revitlising of the suit to bring it back as the 1967 Cyber Controller, although not a screen used head and only recently cast this really brings out that complete look for the suit.

We had a set of best possible matching boots found and modified by Robert, sadly the screen used boots no longer exist, the BBC never had anything in Michaels size so he had to bring his own pair of gardening boots from home, after filiming had finished he took his boots home with him, to his surprise he had to goto the garden centre one day with silver painted boots, sadly these no longer exist.

A back plate for the head casting was sculpted by Robert as the rear plate no longer exists so a casting couldnt be obtained.

3rd April 1983 – Jon Pertwee auctioning the suit

December 1981 – Generation Game with Larry Grayson

1973 Photoshoot