Cliff Culley, of Westbury Design, handed the task of creating the cave to the highly experience Roy Field whom he had worked with for some time and was a specialist in models and their filming.


To achieve the effect, Field used Commercially available ‘Louis Marx’ Dalek toy. But to save money only a few were bought and most of the Daleks were made by using the toy as a mould from which many were made from plaster.

Some of the actual toys were used and moved in the model sets but most were static alongside the models.


To Create the mould the gun mount was removed from the toy. A wooden replacement was attached to the models and a golf tee was used to create the eye stalk. The models were painted to match the main Dalek props.

The Ice Caves

The models in the ice cave were eventually covered in a liquid that represented the molten ice. Most of the models were junked after this making this example incredibly rare.

Dalek 63-88
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The ultimate researchers in full size Daleks are Gavin and Jon from Dalek 63-88, The research they have done is second to none and is a guide to all professionals and fans worldwide. We are lucky to know Gavin and Jon on a personal note and they have been kind enough to bring our VFX Dalek into a category that they would research for the infamous Dalek 63-88 resource website. This alone has been an honor and we look forward to working with them further on our next project/prop to reveal.

All of the above text and research we give great thanks to Dalek 63-88 (Gavin and Jon)

Doctor Who Online
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Dr Who Online published news feature on the finding of the Screen used VFX Dalek from Planet of the Daleks which was published on 14/07/16